Best instant cameras for sale in 2020

Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 1

No more missed moments! Print them out, frame them, gift those precious moments too. But no matter what you do with those Polaroid snaps, you’re going to have fun.

Polaroid instant cameras and films are back on trend this year in 2020.Famous celebrities like Selena Gomez,Ariana Grande and Taylor swift  have bombarded us on Instagram and on YouTube with lyrical videos including Polaroid filter effects.

If you want to go with the flow and hit more likes on social media, go ahead and pursue an instant camera.

Share more selfies and stories than ever.

Express your emotions now. Take a picture of that amazing ride you had on a roller coaster or of the cool cotton candy you just bought. Maybe it’s camping in the forest or a swim in the pool with your boo living miles apart away from you.

Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 2

Need a camera that prints instantly? No worries!

Let’s get started with the front runner company Fujifilm. We’re showing off to you its best Fujifilm instant cameras:

Compare with us the best instant cameras for 2020:

1.Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, basic smokey white

Fist things first.Let’s suppose we’re unboxing the package together.What do we have here? AA batteries,a wrist strap,a close up attachment ,your small guide and coupons.

Now before you get too excited and slide those AA batteries,make sure you insert them correctly,and after consumption of these pairs make sure to replace both with brand new non rechargeable single use Alkaline AA batteries.

Next,it’s time to get introduced to the How-to Use the camera.It’s a crucial step in order to take the coolest images.

instax Mini 9 instant camera somkey white

From this front view,the most exciting element is the selfie mirror right next to the lens.However,Before jumping into it,we would like to emphasize on the importance of the LED lights above the lens and the making of proper adjustment to the ring around the lens.The camera sensors will be able to detect light intensity and the LED lights will fire up accordingly,You will only have to turn the ring around the lens to ensure a pleasurable vintage experience.LED blinks until the flash is ready.Once it’s stable ,means it is ready to use.

Therefore,weather you’re indoor or outside the flashing LED lights will guide you automatically to the perfect lens aperture,For the best exposure possible.Plus,you will confidently set the correct brightness settings manually.In case you need extra brightness,High key mode offers you your desired soft look.

Do note in the Mini 9 series ,The flash light can’t be disabled.Your best bet for a darker image is to cover the sensors with your thumb,thus simulating the indoor mood.

The flash will consume battery life of course.Fresh new batteries will serve you for 10 packs of film or 100 pictures.After longtime use,the flash will take a longer time to fire up.

Each film pack contains 10 expensive highly sensitive films.Be gentle!You cannot reload them after use.If you’re green friendly you can recycle the container.

You can use any film you desire:standard color,monochrome or a special film colored borders.The package comes with the Instax film,which is also compatible with Mini 8.

Since the film is super sensitive there’s many precautions to be made:Insert it right by putting the yellow side of the film on the yellow of the film room.

For first use,power up the instant camera with the front button,and press an image to remove the safety guard on the film.It will come out black,that’s not a camera defect!

Best polaroid camera

To store the film inside the camera,store the camera in a cool dry place,make sure the film door is locked.Maybe,remove the batteries too,not to waste them

In case curiosity pushes you to try out another film,remember that the film is light sensitive and the replacement of packs will probably damage the old pack.Be wise and patient.

Once the film is inserted the counter on the back of the camera will show “S”. Don’t open the film door or replace the film midway, the counter resets each time you open the door. If the camera stops printing, You would know from the counter that you’re out of film. Reload a new pack.

If you’re taking pictures outside and it’s really sunny,It’s advised to let the pictures develop in the shade.In case you’re traveling,take unexposed film packs in your carry on to be manually inspected.X-rays however won’t affect the developed images.

After long multiple use,film pieces might get stuck on the rollers,manual removal is must for the camera to print out.

Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 3


  • Selfie mirror
  • Automatic LED exposure
  • Fast shutter speed
  • Short recycle Time
  • Available in Many colors
  • High key mode
Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 4


  • Flash Always ON

Note that each picture is precious.Moment wise and economy wise.Kids would love to get Mini 9 instax instant camera.Especially for its funky colors and selfie mirror.Make sure your kids learn how to value money as each film means once unique chance.Motivate them by buying film from their own pocket money.

2.Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, Flamingo Pink

Speaking of kids and their endless demands!A how to Mum or How to Daddy 2020 guide would definitely not miss the purchase of a cool baby pink polaroid camera.That’s the best instant camera for kids. Your little munchkins will be encouraged to go outside and hang out for the sake of taking pictures and showing them off to YOU,to nana,to the family,to friends,to the neighborhood.Who knows how far they could go?Besides photography is a great hobby and an amazing opportunity for you to bond.

Without further due, let’s present to you the flamingo pink Instax Mini 9 Camera, the best cheap camera for kids. The model is identical to the previously presented Instax Mini 9 smokey white model. In case you haven’t explored the previous section, here’s a recap for you:

Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 5
  • A selfie mirror will guide you to take the best selfie at the best arm length possible
  • A high key mode adjusts the lighting to optimum for indoor and outdoor settings: indoors setup F12.7,Cloudy F16,Sunny and slightly cloudy F22,and sunny F32
  • A close up lens attachment.Mount it on your desire to snap 50 cms away
  • The flash always fires and at instant speed 1/60 sec
  • Automatically turns off after just 5 mins.Important note: this is not a video camera,which is perfect!It turns off fast and economises power
  • Flash ranges up to 2.7m Note:the flash is always ON
  • No need to ask yourself “oh how do i adjust the lighting properly ?”I’m an amateur just like you and the LED lights will guide me easily to the proper settings.Same for you.Easy,peasy
  • Capture action time!Recycle time is so short, you will never complain of lagging.Take consequent laps time shots in intervals as short as 0.2secs.However,don’t abuse with film!Films ain’t cheap so treat them well:)
  • Don’t forget Play is not only for kids!
Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 3


  • Best instant camera for kids
  • Cheap instant camera
  • Automatic Light adjustment
  • Economic power consumption
  • Selfie mirror
  • Available in many colors
  • 1/60 secs shutter speed
  • High key mode
Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 4


  • Flash is always ON

3.Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 – Instant Camera (Black)

What’s better than a beautiful picture to put you at peace with the world?Taking a picture is so rewarding, you feel like it’s bursting emotions and it slays. Despite the phone era,a traditional Camera is still special!Fuji Instax Mini 70 pumps up instant sleek images.This giant successor of Instax 8 is ultra-popular, comes with a refined design, and is incredibly slim! Fits perfectly in your hands.

The streamlined model is stick thin, no curves, and looks highly professional and mature while still giving the vibe of a playfulness. Mini 70 also comes in a wide range of colors with a polished glowy look. Though it’s a plastic light camera, it gives the impression of a metallic finish.

The first thing you’d notice on the Instax intractable Lens 60mm( focus range 0.3m to infinity ) is light sensors, also called exposure meters. The built-in flash on the top left works in conjunction with the sensors. This smart system will determine its own need for flash or not. After determining lighting conditions the picture is taken. The shutter speed is automatically adjusted up to 1/100 secs. Not only that, but picture quality is awesome, especially in the dark

Now that’s what I call a sophisticated camera. Instax Mini 70 allows a superior color rendering, clear vivid images.

Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 8

Right next to the flash is positioned a viewfinder window, with the simple function of image framing. Below is a round shutter release button to shoot pictures. Right to the lens, a selfie mirror specifically designed for selfies, a great addition previously viewed in the article’s section, allowing you to make sure you’re properly in the frame.

On the side of the camera, two anchoring holes to mount straps. Even if it’s made of plastic but not cheap, better to use the straps to avoid drops. The wrist strap comes attached since the start, that’s a good investment.

On the side of the camera is a battery compartment for 2 cr2 small lithium batteries. That’s kinda cool because it lasts longer than AA or AAA batteries. On the bottom of a Mini 70, there is a threaded hole, a nice touch to mount your camera on a tripod. On top of the camera, the film is released from the slot. On the back, the door opens up to reload a new film.

Film Cartridges of Fujifilm Mini 70 is super easy to install: lift the latch, open the film door then line up the yellow markers on the camera with the film cartridges. A small window on the door is a marker of the film inside-to indicate whether it’s loaded or not. On the 1st press of the shutter button, a blank protective film cover will appear and then you’re good to go.

Added control features: on-off power button, the turn-on button will turn on the shutter and give you the number of remaining exposures on the LED display.You’ve got a mode button to fly through a variety of camera modes(macro, landscape, force flash mode and a slow mode called high key that slows down the shutter and brightens the image). This range of modes make the camera versatile and creative.

The next feature is a timer button to set the shutter to defined delay, along with a cool option to take 2 pictures (duplicates). Finally, selfie mood to adjust the focal length of selfies. Selfies complement the fun nature of the Mini 70.

Overall, Instax Mini 70 would be a genuine gift for valentine’s day, or to any passionate interested in photography. Mini 70 like all vintage cameras, makes you more selective of the pictures you want to capture, so plan, think and take your time. Every time the film pops up, you will experience ecstasy as the world stops around and the film fully exposes.

Polaroid images are special and way more meaningful than your regular phone camera. As you know, phone pictures sink in the black hole- I mean the moment gets lost in a large massive gallery, unlike polaroid images, you’d probably frame them and hang them on the wall, making it a much more memorable magical and fun experience.

Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 3


  • Tripod Socket
  • Selfie mirror
  • Prints out duplicates
  • Flash Force mode
  • Can disable flash
  • Fastest shutter speed 1/100
  • Rechargeable camera
  • Duplicate mode
  • Landscape mode
  • Macro mode
  • High key mode
Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 4


  • None

4.Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 Hybrid Instant Camera – Black

So you’re the one who loves to save and economize everything ? til the last drop? Well just kidding, you happen to be pretty wise, cautious and most importantly you don’t want to waste your precious film cartridge totally get you ! Anyway,don’t be sad.We finally found the right vintage camera for you!

Instax Square SQ10 is a Hybrid instant camera the let you edit and preview your picture and then you take the decision to develop the film or not.Doesn’t sound spontaneous but who gets everything in life?Oh , you do ! you’ve got a freaking polaroid camera with a digital familiarity and the vintage film!

You’re so spoiled you even a get a larger film! Now, you can squeeze your sugar plum in the 2.4” x 2.4” selfie frame. You can preview the images, or delete, or threaten not to delete(Just kidding). Well honestly, they’d rather bribe you to take an image with your majestic lens.LOL.After all, they’re gonna be posting your beautiful artistry on their Instagram. Oh, you’re in a hurry today? no film? no worries! you don’t have to carry film with you all the time.

Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 11

The LCD screen is large 3″ quite decent to fit your large fingers. Play and mix with tens of filters then save your image to internal memory or micro SD. This vintage camera is the new age hybrid, you can even share the pictures online. The supported image format is JPEG. However, images saved with an editing /processing software won’t be displayed or printed.

You can save up to 50 snaps on internal memory and way mores memories on micro SD. Too many pictures? Don’t worry the gallery comes with date selection function. Shoot and thrill others with a superior optical zoom(3.00). The digital zoom can be perfectly used for prints. Shuffle different filters, vignettes, lightings, TFT colors and print out as many times as you like!

Not only this instax camera gives you control over image selection and printing,the model is thin,round and symmetrical for an easy grip.A plus point in this model is the central lens,facilitates a natural recreation of the view in front of you,-unlike the thoughtfulness you’d need when the lens is on the side of the camera.

Double shutter buttons!Double fun! Double chances of capturing your once in a lifetime moments, comes with AE/AF lock. Shoot double long exposures or short bursts,it’s all up to you.Plus one exclusive feature, 3 operations(process, edit, print) in 1. central dial button.

Impressive printouts are now possible with Instax Hybrid SQ10. You can even mount it on a tripod and set up the timer. And in case you’re out of Fuji P-50 battery, you can charge the camera with a USB cable, or recharge your removable battery.

Kind reminder:

  • This is Instax Square not a digital camera
  • It is a polaroid camera with some digital features

The port is only for charging and not for moving internal memory pictures to PC AND micro SD images on your PC will be saved as unedited originals. Added filters only appear in print out or on the screen monitor.

We advise you to always go 1/3 step lower in brightness control, even if it looks perfect, to avoid an overexposed film. Even if you think it looks dark on your LCD, leave it as is and print it. Your sweet spot falls between -1 and 0.9. Focus is also a crucial element: Half-press the shutter to focus and Full press to take the shot. You can thank me later.

Now if you’re smart, you can also tell that any microSD on a regular camera can be moved to your Instax camera. However, first, make sure they’re in JPEG format. And Voila, Instax is your printer! And just in case the digital feature is not your go-to today, you can set the camera to auto,i.e act like a regular polaroid instant camera. The manual and auto modes are only for printing. ( Do tell me though if you were able to shoot continuously. )You can also save the memory and set a date via date selection mode and mount your camera on a tripod.

The camera also comes with clips and a hand strap. Make sure to purchase a neck strap. And if you’re not interested in selfies, you can rest, there isn’t a selfie mirror. At last, you can turn on the camera quite fast via the lens ring and enable disable /red eye -autofocus -forced flash for flash settings.

Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 3


  • Worth the price
  • Can edit and save images
  • Large internal memory
  • MicroSD card available
  • Can transfer pictures from other cameras via SD card
  • ALL JPEGs printer
  • Double long exposure mode
  • Short exposures
  • Rechargeable
  • Can disable flash
  • Lens ring turns on camera fast
  • Disable red eye
  • Autofocus
  • Forced flash mode
  • Vignettes
  • 10s of filters
  • Large printouts
  • Tripod socket
  • Date selection function
Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 4


  • No selfie mirror
  • Only JPEG images are printable
  • Edited pictures on PC appear unedited

5.Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Camera (Brown vinyl)

If you’re thinking to opt for an expensive DSLR camera because this Instax Mini 90 is cheaper than any other on the market. This model is an absolute blast for it can satisfy all your desires. You don’t have to a give a fuss about brightness control as it detects it automatically and adjusts accordingly flash and shutter speed.

The hard plastic construction gives it a solidly built feel. As the camera is quite bulky, prone to slip from your hands, plastic is appropriate. It can fall and work just fine. Besides, if it wasn’t plastic it would have been way heavier. The camera comes with a charger and a high-quality film pack.

Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 14

This instax camera offers many interesting features: the ability to disable and adjust the flash. It’s an Instax light balanced camera, film won’t risk coming out washed out. You ‘ve full control over exposure with via light and dark move(L&D), an amazing clarity in landscape mode, and fast shutter speed to capture fast movement like racing cars, kids, pets, for instance via kids mode.

A few more modes you may not be familiar with:

  • Macro mode: very precious and precise in framing at short distances as near as 30cm
  • Long exposure mode(bulb mode): up to 10 seconds, slows the down the shutter speed for extra-focused images
  • a superb overprint mode(double exposure mode): superimposed snaps/pic collage on one film.just press the shutter twice for instant film feed out.

Instax Mini 90 is the mature love of your life.Take it outdoor or indoor to a party or a wedding and get the light just right.It’s great for making copies and doesn’t come with a selfie mirror,but the front chrome trigger can play that role.Feel free to charge it or reload with rechargeable batteries because Fujifilm is stepping its game and adopting eco-friendly.

Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 3


  • Fast c=shutter speed
  • Rechargeable
  • can disable flash
  • Can make pic collage and print out
  • L&D mode
  • Landscape mode
  • Macro mode
  • Duplicate mode
  • Long exposure mode
  • Double exposure mode
Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 4


  • No selfie mirror

Fujifilm is a renowned company, offers you a 1 year on its product. Friendly support will assist you in any case of a manufacturing defect.So don’t hold back and buy vintage cameras at reasonable prices and good quality from Fujifilm.

Summary of Best instant cameras

Fujifilm Instax ModelsSpecial featuresComponentsReviewsImage Model
Mini 9 Smokey WheitSelfie mirror
High key mode
Automatic Exposure control-LED
Macro Lens adapter 35cm
Recycle time up to 0.6sec
Shutter speed 1/60
Flash Always ON
AA batteries
4.5/5Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 17
check price
Mini 9 Flamingo pinkSelfie mirror
high key mode
Automatic Exposure control-LED
Macro Lens adapter 35cm
Recycle time up to 0.6sec
Shutter speed 1/60
Flash Always ON
AA batteries
4.5/5Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 18

check price
Mini 70 BlackSelfie mirror
Tripod socket
Duplicate mode
Macro mode
Landscape mode
Force flash mode
High key mode
Exposure meters
Intractable lens 60mm
Shutter speed 1/100
Disable Flash
2CR2 batteries
4.7/5Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 19
check price
Square SQ10 HybridNo selfie mirror
10s of filters
Set timer,edit,process
double shutter button
double long exposures
Tripod hole
Date selection function
Optical zoom 3
Disable Flash
Rechargeable/rechargeable Batteries
4.6/5Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 20
check price
Mini 90 Brown vinylMacro mode
Double exposure mode
Long exposure mode
Duplicate Mode/Collage
Landscape mode
Fast shutter speed
disable flash
4.6/5Best instant cameras for sale in 2020 21
check price

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