Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020

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Up for adventure and want to inspire travelers from all around the world? Booked for a trip solo or going out in the wild to share moments with your family? If you ‘re up to record those special moments you would want to carry around the best action camera.

Action cameras or sports cameras will ensure you that you’ve covered up everything from any destination all around the world, live and shareable at the click of a button. After exhaustive reading of comments on Amazon and Youtuber reviews and personal experience, we compiled this list for you of the best budget-friendly consumer choice cameras of the year.


Action Camera Reviews Price
Nikon Coolpix 4.3/5 check price
Akaso EK 7000 4.4/5 check price
Fujifilm Disposable Quicksnap 35mm 3.9/5 check price
Dragon Touch 4K 4.3/5 check price
Crosstour 1080p 4.4/5 check price
Campark ACT74 4K ULTRA HD 4.3/5 check price
GoPro HERO6 BLACK 4.2/5 check price

Waterproof action cameras :Complete guide

1.Nikon Coolpix AW100 16MP 1080p action camera

Nikon Coolpix AW100 Waterproof action camera

If you planned to go surfing with the white sharks in South Africa or decided to go snorkeling in Puerto Rico, Nikon Coolpix will give you the sharpest high-end shots. It’s a fierce action camera built to be extreme. Waterproof up to 33 ft, Full HD shockproof and can easily slip inside your pocket. It’s also lightweight with no case for better Lens visibility and finer audio quality compared to other brands

Recording low light underwater? No problem this action camera comes with a CMOS sensor. Get ready for phenomenal images with a 5 X Zoom NIKKOR ED glass lens and 1080p movies equipped with an HDMI port. You can also track where you’re going via activating the built-in GPS and e-Compass features.

It’s a high performance 16 MP action camera that shoots in fast and slow motion with 100 % stability and focuses. You can even change the settings while still wearing your gloves on the snowy highs of Queensland.

Nikon Coolpix AW100 Action Camera

Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 1


  • CMS stability
  • Audio Quality
  • Impressive 1080p
  • Up to 10m/33ft
  • Mapping feature
  • zooming
Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 2


  • No built in Wi-Fi
  • No accessories
  • No extra batteries

2.Akaso EK7000 Ultra HD 12 MP action camera 

Akaso EK 7000 ULTRA HD Waterproof action camera

Planning to capture the turquoise sea with 4 times better resolution than traditional cameras? We present to you a tiny durable product packed in a waterproof case up to 98 ft. Use the professional Akaso and enjoy its stunning 4K videos underwater or pedal through the best bike routes and share with your viewers its colorful foliage. Capture more with its wide 170 ° wide-angle lens using the 2.4G wrist remote.

It couldn’t get easier. Akaso is offering you a price point per performance product with many colors and accessories. Set up the camera on handlebars or helmet bars and shoot your steep rides.


Film nonstop the adrenal rush, Akaso will keep recording for a good long day by providing you two rechargeable batteries 1050mAh.

Cool enough, you can share your mountain biking trip using by connecting to Wi-Fi and the mobile app, with strong connectivity up to 10 meters.


Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 1


  • Quite handy
  • Nice focus
  • worth the price
  • Up to 98 ft
  • wide lens
  • Easy settings
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Extra batteries and accessories
  • HDMI port
Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 2


  • No external mic
  • Audio video sync

3.Fujifilm Disposable Quick Snap Waterproof 35mm Camera, Pack of 2

Fujifilm quicksnap waterproof action camera

If it’s your 1st time on a trip to Fiji with kids and family and would like to experiment with action cameras,we’ve got the cheapest action camera for you. Have fun and take sharp pictures at super high speed. The focus is set to 10 ft and the lens has a small aperture. In sunlight, this sports camera will give you great colors.

It’s amateur-friendly and easy to use. Even kids can use it and throw it around. If you’re new to action photography and would like to try out a budget-friendly option this cam is for you.

Fujifilm Disposable QuickSnap 35mm action camera

Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 1


  • Really cheap
  • Great digital work
  • Disposable
  • Quick snap
  • Kids can try
  • Pack of two
  • pool underwater up to 10m/33ft
Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 2


  • No flash
  • Extremely quiet

4.Dragon Touch 4K action camera 16 MP 170° wide angle

Dragon touch vision3 ultra HD 4K waterproof action camera

Combine exceptional photography with unforgettable scuba diving in the Maldives by taking with you the Dragon Touch Action Camera. Float or dive with no worries to 98 Ft with your action camera tightly secured and protected in a case. Zoom in and out up to 4 times to get the most detailed picture possible.

That’s literally the best and most suitable option for mountain climbing. You can put the wireless 2.4G remote control on your wrist and click pictures and run videos in the trickiest places such as caves or deep sinkholes.

Mount your underwater action camera on a helmet or a selfie stick and you’re good to go. As a plus, the free accessory is compatible with GoPro cameras.

A charger and 2 batteries 1050mAh 90 mins each won’t let you down while recording in 1080p or can last u up to 60 minutes each on the fancy 4K mode.

Don’t waste the luxury of a wide lens and experiment with versatile options: Driving and image rotation, slow motion, drama shot, white balance or loop recording to automatically free up space and keep going. For best sync of audio and video we recommend the use of max 64gb class10 micro SD card.

Dragon Touch Waterproof Action Camera

Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 1


  • Convenient shots
  • wide lens and impressive 4K
  • Up to 98 ft
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Synced audio
  • Budget friendly
  • Zooming
  • Free kit
  • Dual charging
Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 2


  • Remote is not waterproof
  • No external mic
  • Not Mac compatible

5.Crosstour action camera 1080p 12MP wide lens 170 °

Crosstour 1080p waterproof action camera

If you need to make drone footages for extreme sports, the Crosstour 12MP action camera is a strong and great option on the market. It gives you impressive 98 ft underwater videos and survives the worst weather conditions. It’s solid, durable and worth every penny providing you with real 4K and good audio quality. 1st step, this action camera will beep to start recording.

Warm tip, use a class 10 micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 32 Gb. Then, set it at 4K, photos, and videos of large landscapes will instantly come to life. The wide lens is a massive bonus to see more in the frame and you can also do close-ups. It has a 2 “LCD and lots of accessories to assist you in every scenario.

Mount your action camera on helmets, bicycles,you’ve got straps for every single need or wear the lightweight wireless wrist remote and snap pictures. The camera includes two rechargeable 1050mAh batteries for a whole day of action (6 hours in total).

Save power with the screen saver option and set your own settings for time out. Finally,with Wi-Fi operate, download, delete files and a USB cable is included. Overall, it’s hell lot cheaper than GoPro cameras and the footage quality is beyond expectations.

Crosstour waterproof action camera

Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 1


  • Real 4K
  • All accessories
  • 2 batteries
  • Wi-Fi 10m signals
  • 98 ft underwater
  • wide lens
  • Budget friendly
Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 2


  • No external mic
  • No HDMI port

6.Campark ACT74 4K ULTRA HD 16MP 170° action camera

Campark ACT74 Xtreme Ultra 4K waterproof action camera

Have a fairytale scene with Campark ACT74 action camera as you float in a hot air balloon in Cappadocia and capture beautiful canyons and remarkable rock formations in super 4K/30fps videos and 16MP pictures. It has a big lens to catch the most out of your adventure and a 2” screen for clear, detailed view.

You can use a regular base mount for a car race, a head strap or a chest strap while you’re hiking, zip ties, adapters, bandages, stickers and wipes(keep that precious lens clean), a helmet base or a handlebar mount for biking, clips to mount it on the belt buckle or mount it on any vehicle for agreeable stability. It’s really an extensive kit and multifunctional compatible with GoPro and 2 batteries. After testing, they last for 2.5 hours on average, on 4K for 1h and a half while on 1080p for almost 2h.

A san disk SD card is recommended for the best results. Play with many shooting formats such as time-lapse, loop recording, slow motion and control it real-time via Wi-Fi and get that sweet photo on social media within a click. As an action camera should be designed, it’s very easy to use and light. Very small, fits the palm of the hand and comes in many colors. Its waterproof case allows you to take absolutely perfect full HD pictures up to 100ft(30m)

Campark ACT74 waterproof action camera

Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 1


  • Waterproof up to 100ft
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Longest battery life
  • Extensive accessory
  • Big lens
  • Good price
  • Video stabilization
Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 2


  • No external mic
  • No chest straps
  • OK audio for action videos
  • Lower quality in low light

7.GoPro HERO6 Black with Touch Screen 4K HD Video 12MP Photos

This action camera is absolutely insane for what it is. Whether HERO6 BLACK is handheld or mounted capture crisp and clear footages even in the worst light conditions. This beast of an action camera comes with the next level of stabilization with a GP1 Chip optimized for smooth and improved captures and with a spectacular 12 MP image quality. The footages are so stable, they seem to erase your footsteps.

That’s the best action camera ever tried out equipped with a rubber hard plastic shell. It’s truly durable and water-resistant up to 10m without an external housing unit.

GoPro HERO 6 Black waterproof action camera

HERO6 BLACK is a necessary upgrade with its 2” full-color touch screen for easier navigation and video preview and a smart updated UI that will automatically select for you the best sound quality for your video and recognize faces.

You won’t only love the clear images but also clear sound. No more audio issues, the camera is equipped with 3 microphones. Transform your adventure into millions of formats with amazing 4K 60 fps, ultra-slow motion at 1080p up to 240 fps or slow it way down to ultra-slow motion.

Use the wide view, medium view, super view or linear view or activate the “Protune” settings on your camera for sharp images and accurate colors. Get HDR photos and raw files. HERO6 BLACK has two times better performance than its older sister and three times faster upload speed. Transfer your recordings faster with 5GHz Wi-fi or 2.4 GHz depending on your country.

However, as tested out battery life goes less than an hour at 4K 60fps and for 2 hours at Full HD 60fps. You can pair your camera to Bluetooth or connected to an app, supported by both iOS and Android, and share your awesomely edited videos as quick stories.

You can also tag your location, elevation, speed and path via the GPS data and overlay it on your video with the desktop app. After listing all these impressive features, the HERO6 BLACK action camera owes us to be called the best GoPro action camera to the point it pays off itself with its exceptional performance.

GoPro HERO6 BLACK waterproof action camera with touch screen

Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 1


  • Professional
  • Astonishing 4K
  • Amazing video stability
  • High audio quality with 3 microphones
  • Rugged and waterproof up to 33ft/10m without housing
  • Super fast upload speed
  • Zooming in 1080p
  • 5GHz Wi-Fi Quick Transfer
  • Touch screen and smart UI
  • Add-on GPS stats
  • Bluetooth connection
Waterproof Extreme Sports: Best Action Cameras for 2020 2


  • No external mic
  • Decent battery life
  • Expensive (but no regrets)
  • No extra batteries
  • No accessories
  • Does not use cellular data

Final Comparison on Waterproof Action Cameras

Action CamerasHighest ResolutionDetails in MPWaterproof with case up toGoPro AccessoriesExtrasProduct noCheck price
Nikon Coolpix AW100Full HD 1080p16MP33ftnoGPS,e-compass,Zooming,CMS stability 26293 check price
Akaso EK7000Ultra HD 4K12MP98ft~100ftyeswide lens,built-in Wi-Fi,Wrist ,HDMI portEK7000 check price
Fujifilm Disposable,pack of 2N/AN/A33ftno35 mm film4331909975 check price
Dragon Touch4K16MP98ftyeswide lens,Wi-Fi,Zooming,Dual charging,wrist remoteVision 3 check price
Crosstour 4K12MP98ftyeswide lens,Wi-Fi,USB cable,wrist remoteCT7000 check price
Campark ACT74Ultra HD 4K16MP100ftyeswide lens,wi-fiACT74-black+BF513 check price
HERO6 BLACK Digital TOUCH SCREENultra HD 4K12MP33ft Without housingnoGP1 chip stabilization, 3 built-in mics,wi-fi ,zooming,GPS,Bluetooth connectionCHDHX-601 check price

Bought an action camera? Got a question?Feedback?Share your thoughts in the comment section down below.


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